Course Information

The race is made up of four disciplines. Swim, Bike, Run and Transition. Below you will find information on the swim, bike and run portions of the race. The transition area will be in the faculty staff parking lot between the O'Neill Center and the track.


Photocredit: Robert Colameco

Swim Course
The Swim will be done in Malvern Prep's pool located in the O'Neil Center. It is an 8 lane 25 yard pool. With a 3 &1/2 foot shallow end on one end and a 12 feet deep end on the other. The race will begin with swimmers in the water holding onto the wall in the shallow end of the pool. The swimmers will then complete 5 laps(A lap is one way) meaning they will finish at the deep end side of the pool where they will get out and exit the pool area through a door on the opposite side of the pool deck from the stands and closest to the faculty staff parking lot where the transition area will be.
Bike Course
The bike course will leave the transition area and begin along ring road in a counterclockwise direction as the normal flow of ring road. When athletes reach the St. Augustine Statue, they will keep right and approach Warren Avenue. A police officer will be at Warren Avenue holding traffic so that the athletes can cross the street safely and enter onto the Malvern Retreat House property. Once on the Retreat House property, the athletes will continue in their counterclockwise loop completing half of the bike course there. When the athletes finish that part of the loop, they will exit the Retreat House grounds through the same exit they enter in through and will be assisted in crossing the street once again. They will then continue up around ring road much as they did when they first arrived at Malvern going counterclockwise until reaching the dismount line which will be where they dismount their bicycles which will be located right before the transition area.
Run Course
The run course will be a half mile run beginning by running up the side walk directly adjacent to the faculty/staff parking lot which is serving as the transition area for the race. Then at the end of the sidewalk the athletes will take their first of three rights. The running across two fields before they reach the maintence shed the athletes will hang their second right and run adjacent to the tennis courts where they will make their third right and enter onto the track. On the track they will run to their right closest to the home bleachers. They will complete about a half lap on the track before entering the finish shoot and completing the race.